Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Friday Release...Yay!

The wonderful folks over at Beyond the Page Publishing have been releasing my backlist and the newest release is coming this Friday. Bound to You is a short story previously released through Cobblestone Press a couple of years ago, where it lingered in relative obscurity. Beyond the Page did an amazing cover for the book, which is the opening release of their new line, Secret Wishes. They're accepting submissions for the line...any length from 7-10k shorts through full length novels. It's all about fantasy fulfillment with the focus on the romance aspect. Here's a little teaser and the very elegant cover art.

“My coffee!” Hot coffee splattered on my sneakered feet.
“Coffee’s the least of your problems, princess.” The man’s voice rasped close to my ear as a strong arm banded my waist, yanking me off my feet. I was pulled into a nondescript cargo van. The door slid shut, and the vehicle sped away.
Ohshit, ohshit!
What did they say on that freaking episode of Oprah? Never let them take you to a secondary scene.


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