Thursday, February 28, 2013

Today I Was A Lunatic

It's official. Today I was a lunatic and I blame it all on Yahoo. I woke to find my account locked. I don't know why but I did the whole password change thing and tried to log back in. Was my attempt successful? In the words of the late great John Belushi... Nooooo! (I said the same thing to my ex husband about 26 years ago but that's another story). I'm locked out and I have contracts stored in my email folders. I have advertising/promo stuff stored in email folders. Am I happy? Noooo...I upgraded to Messenger 11 and created a new account. Did my old information follow me like it's supposed to? Noooo...

Now, I'm normally a pretty laid back person. Not much rattles me but technology will get me going EVERY SINGLE TIME. Anyone see how blue the air got in one spot of Central Florida? That would have been me, dragging out every curse word in my vocabulary and a few really foul ones that I made up on the spur of the moment. You'd think I'd learn but again...Noooo...

I did manage to find a customer service 800 number for Yahoo - after I tried the help page. Can I just tell you now...don't bother with the help page if you're technologically impaired. It's an exercise in frustration and you'll be begging your friends for Xanax quicker than you can say...well, you don't wanna know what I was saying. So, the quest goes on and after being on hold for a while - because they were experiencing an unusually high call volume today (imagine that) a nice tech person found my old account and promised to email me with a reset password in about 10 minutes. Forty-five minutes later I'm on the phone with tech support again because, you guessed it, that slippery little email never arrived. After another period on hold, at which time I was able to wash the dishes and throw a load of laundry in the dryer, the second tech was able to help me. I guess the first tech, bless her heart, didn't get around to actually pressing send. And if you're a southern woman, you know what "bless her heart" really means.

So here I am, with my technologically impaired self, hoping I have done this right. It was a little iffy at first because I couldn't figure out why this thing didn't generate my blog. Uh, it's because I didn't type in a blogger address before I tried to pick a template. Read directions much, India? Apparently, I have just enough testosterone in my system to render me incapable of looking at the directions before I try to do something I have no clue how to do.

And here it is, my first's been one of those days. You know the a hellish nightmare with a hair stuck to it. But it's past midnight and I didn't murder anybody, so it turned out okay.